Our sweet Bella

Goodnight sweet Bella

18th August 2005 – 26th March 2015   They say memories are special, maybe it is true, but I never wanted memories, I only wanted you. A million times I needed you, a million times I cried, if love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. I… 


Cindy’s eye ulcers: an ongoing issue

Cindy’s eye ulcers appear to be an ongoing issue.  The day after I took this photograph (24th February 2011), Cindy was diagnosed with yet another eye ulcer – this time it was in her left eye. The day had started off quite normal.  Both Cindy and Bella were their usual… 

Beautiful Bella

Bella and Cindy aged 5½ years old

It’s been a long time since I took photos of the furbabies using a proper camera so today, I decided to rectify this.  For those of you who are new to my site, Bella is a black British Short Hair and her sister, Cindy is a black smoke (but looks… 

220303 - Mittens eating snowdrops

A Tribute to Mittens

Whilst updating parts of my blog, it occurred to me that I hadn’t read the diary I had created when Mittens was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus for quite a long time. I don’t know why this popped into my head. Perhaps it was because part of the tidy up included… 

Bumpkin Black Smoke Cinders

The Eye Ulcer Is Back!

Since just before Christmas, Cindy has been rather snuffly.  It was most noticeable when she was eating as she sounded like she was snorting.  David and I originally put this down to her having a cold as we had heard her sneezing occasionally.  However, we are now into January and… 

paw prints for blog

The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll Read Today

I am an Animal Rescuer. I will never bring about world peace. I’m not a brain surgeon and I’ll never transplant an organ to save a life…. I don’t have the ear of a powerful politician or world power. I can’t end world hunger. I’m not a celebrity, and God… 

Surprised Cindy

Cindy and Feline Eye Ulcers

It may not be obvious in my photos but Cindy has a rather flat face and with it, comes the usual problem of the occasional weepy eye. Back in May 2009, we noticed that Cindy’s right eye seemed to be especially weepy. So much so that it seemed to be… 

paw prints for blog

The Royal Treatment (another did you know?)

The popularity of cats around the globe can be traced to admiration in high places.  In seventh century Japan, for example, cats were the companions of Buddhist monks but became an integral part of Japanese society after A.D. 1000, when 13-year-old Emperor Ichijo introduced a litter of kittens at his… 

paw prints for blog

My favourite phrase of the day

“To err is human, to purr is feline”

paw prints for blog

Did you know….?

Cats have a tendency to be southpaws, leading more often with the left paw than with the right.  This fact was discovered after years of patient observation by Professor J. Cole of Oxford University

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